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Whiplash Treatment in Marina Del Rey, CA: Dr. David Reed specializes in whiplash treatment for taking care of patients after a car accident. One in six car accidents usually results in someone getting whiplash, a potentially chronic and painful condition that can benefit from chiropractic care.

Get the care needed immediately after an accident to alleviate pain:

Getting the body back on track after a car accident can be tedious and frustrating. Immediately after an accident, due to adrenaline and other stressors, the body may not be able to feel the full extent of some internal injuries with the spine, i.e. whiplash, tissue damage or a bulging disc, until a few hours later. It is important to seek treatment right away with Dr. Reed at Reed Chiropractic + Wellness Center.

Chiropractic care can help with the following conditions after an accident:

  • Neck pain or lower back pain
  • Tinging, numbness or pain in the limbs
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Dizziness, headaches or blurred vision
  • Trouble walking

Chiropractic care and other modalities aid in healing the body faster after an accident by balancing the nervous system:

Because the effects of whiplash are often delayed, receiving a full spinal analysis and posture screening after an accident is extremely important. It serves as the initial step to formulating a treatment program. Whether it is neck pain, soreness or burning soft tissue pain, chiropractic care can get the body back to how it used to be post-accident. Dr. Reed will work with you to find an effective course of action.

Whiplash treatment in Marina Del Rey

Whiplash is a unique condition that requires the expertise of a skilled health professional specially trained to work with these types of injuries. The most effective treatment for whiplash injuries is a combination of chiropractic care, rehabilitation of the soft tissues and taking care of yourself at home.

Here are some of the modalities that Dr. David Reed utilizes when treating whiplash injuries to patients:

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression, or IDD (Internal Disc Decompression) Therapy® is a proven treatment for the relief of lower back pain. With an up to 86% success rate, thousands of patients have experienced dramatic pain relief and healing.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments provide effective pain relief from a wide variety of conditions. Dr. David Reed specializes in providing gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care to patients of all ages. Spinal adjustments correct the alignment, motion and function of the vertebral joint.

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Therapeutic Exercise Rehabilitation can help to alleviate pain by improving your muscle strength and flexibility. Weak muscles can often lead to a misshapen skeletal structure and dramatically increase the risk of injury or the worsening your condition.

Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation is a physical rehabilitation therapy modality that is used to stimulate muscle contractions using electrodes hooked up to an electric stimulation machine at our facility. These contractions help to control pain, manage inflammation and strengthen the muscle.

Ultrasound therapy helps to reduce muscle pain and movement dysfunction. Sound waves deliver deep heat to the areas of the body that need treatment. As a result of the sound waves, the patient benefits from reduced stiffness, swelling and pin. Increased circulation and the promotion of pain free movement are positive effects of using ultrasound therapy.

Arthostim Therapy

Arthostim Therapy, also referred to as controlled force spinal adjusting, employs a specific approach using only as much energy as is needed to facilitate a response. This is achieved with an FDA approved instrument called the Arthrostim™.

Working with Insurance

Reed Chiropractic + Wellness Center works with many types of insurance. Our office can counsel you on how to file a personal injury claim.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is mandatory for nearly all auto insurance policies. With PIP coverage in place, you and all the passengers in the car are insured regardless of whose is at fault for an accident (typically up to $15,000). It also covers you if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist. PIP insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages and will pay for your care of  injuries, including costs and co-pays for chiropractic care, out-of-pocket prescription costs, or other similar costs.

Best and most knowledgable Chiropractor I have EVER had! Highly Recommend!! Just go- it is so worth it!!!!

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Fiona P.


Dr. Reed is LEGIT!

Really knowledgeable about his practice (as we all would hope). Super nice guy, too. Came to him a few times for a workout injury that brought a lot of pain to my upper back that occurs only when I bend my neck to the right…weird. BUT…he was like, “I know what’s up!” (not at all what he said) and did a few weird cracks to my neck and back, and boom…now the pain is practically gone. Only thing that sucks is that I live in Hollywood and he’s in Marina Del Rey. Totally worth my drive, though.

Moral of the story is that he’s definitely the guy to pop your spine back into place and to ease that spinal pain of yours.


Sam L.


Outstanding!! Dr Reed corrected my disc issues in my lower back an now my neck and is as knowledgable as the come!!!

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Mark M.


Injured my lower back a year ago. I thought it healed up 3 months after but found out there was something wrong .It would be stiff and would take a longer time than usual to warm it up. I even spar, do my training well. But it would just stiffen up sometimes. So I got a session David and I swear the pain just went away! It just loosen up! I also became more mobile in my sparring and training! So if you guys feel something “off” or if it’s just something “small”, make sure to get it checked because it can get BIG in the future.


Alfredo P.


I  had a reoccurrence of my ruptured disc and couldn’t walk or get out of bed hardly.   I’m active athlete and work out 4-6 days a week.  Dr. Reed properly diagnosed the disc issue and got the alignment back closer to where it needs to be after ONE Visit!  With no Pain or discomfort!   I’m a believer in chiropractic treatments again!    An amazing facility, service and the nicest people you could imagine in their office!  I’ll be going on a regular basis now to prevent this injury from happening again!

Thanks a million.


Mark M.


Dr. Reed is the best Chiropractor that I have ever been to!!! I had ringing in the ears due to an auto accident, and when I came in to see him, I was really stressed and scared, but he immediately made me feel 100% comfortable. He told me not to worry, and that I would be okay. He was 100% right! No more ringing in the ears. Oh, I also had a dislocated jaw that he took care of. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He and his staff are so good at getting you in as quickly as possible!!! My family now uses him too!!! Definitely check him out!!!

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Janou L.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Reed for the past few years and HIGHLY recommend him.  He’s truly one of the best around.

I had a slipped disc, sciatica, and back pain that was with me for months on end forcing me to be on a number of different medications. Desperate for help, but a little skeptical of chiropractors, I slowly started asking around for referrals. I went to visit a few around LA that seemed to make snap judgments about my issues and jumped in to do a quick adjustment before sending me on my way.  I found they tended to be focused on short term solutions which was an incredibly frustrating process. I was unbelievably relieved when I finally found Dr. Reed who took the time to do a number of tests, continually tracked my progress, gave me exercises to help strengthen my core, and over time, managed to completely relieve all my pain.

Him and the staff are incredibly friendly, flexible with hours, and clearly care about your well being.  They also managed to stay on schedule and keep appointments which is a big plus. He answered all my questions, never rushed me out of the office, and ultimately helped get me pain-free.

I’m incredibly grateful for Dr. Reed’s help and would certainly recommend him to anybody in need of help.


Josh K.


I had severe lower back pain and leg pain.  After a few visits with David he was able to get me back up and running.  I have used other chiropractors in the area and they do not either know what to adjust or don’t have the strength to adjust you correctly.  However, David is able to do both.  His new facility is fully equipped for all types of therapy and parking is so easy.


Scot H.


Looks sweet keep up the good work !!!

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Bobby M.


Dr. Reed is so caring! Thank you for your knowledge and skill!!

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Lynne S-G.


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