Personal Training, Yoga Classes, Private Pilates
Circuit Training Classes, Boxing, Hip-Hop Classes,
Mediation, Reiki, Chakra Sessions
& Cardio Workout Classes

All classes are 60 min. sessions

(Does not include private/personal pilates or training. Pricing, classes, and schedule are subject to change at any time.)

Workout Classes (Includes Yoga, Meditation, Bionic Booty, Circuit Training):
Drop in: $21

Dance Classes: (Includes Hip-Hop Dance classes with Raelynn)
Drop in: $16

Visit our MINDBODY Connect page for class schedule, prices, packages and to book a class. We’re also visible on the MINDBODY Connect Mobile App available via iOS and Android mobile devices. If you have questions, would like to secure a spot in a class, and/or purchased a voucher from a third party please email us:

Advanced Fitness Training Classes with D’Juan Woods

D’Juan Woods

Bionic Booty with D’Juan Woods

Build powerful legs and firm up your gluts. D’Juan has developed an energetic, 60 minute workout session that targets problem areas that annoy us all. Bionic Booty tones the legs, lifts the booty, tightens the stomach, and melts away stubborn arm fat. Students will leave feeling strong and excited after working out to music tempo at a steady pace.

WoodsFit Circuit Training

D’Juan turns up the intensity with his circuit training class. This 60 minute session includes plyometrics, weight training, and sport specific movements.  Boost your metabolism and burn 500 to 1000 calories each class. This class is also perfect for building lean muscle, improving athletic performance, and for those weekend warriors who want to improve their overall physical condition.

Yoga & Meditation Classes with Haley Sharack

Haley Sharack

Meditation, Rest, & Rejuvenate with Haley Sharack

Welcome the shift from day to night with presence and healing. Guidance will be provided on various techniques, with an option for self practice. The second half of class is dedicated to providing a very deep and healing, rejuvenative practice called “yoga nidra” or yogic sleep. This is a guided meditation of deep relaxation experienced lying down, often with healing music. It provides more rest than regular sleep and can help relieve stress and improve sleep. Bring a mat to lay on, and a blanket to sit on/cover yourself with.

Foundational Yoga

Haley has designed this class specifically for beginners and those that would like to increase their confidence in Yoga.  Introducing physical, mental, and soul alignment in yoga.

Hip Hop & Dance Classes with Raelynn Devine

Raelynn Devine

F.L.Y Hip-Hop (Ages 7-17) and (Ages 18 +) with Raelynn Devine

Raelynn has a strong appreciation for dance and offers a unique take on choreography and functional staging. This class encompasses an atmosphere of comfort that alleviates the natural mental blocks dancers create for themselves. This class is for young people who aspire to dance and want to learn far beyond the fundamental steps of hip-hop. Students that take F.L.Y. Hip-Hop will never look at dance the same. You will start to understand your own rhythm, as well as your personal strengths.

Reiki & Chakra Balancing with Daniel Tallant

Daniel Tallant

Energetic Healing Meditation with Daniel Tallant

Tues. 12:15p.m.

Allow yourself to sink into your own human experience by listening and observing what is being perceived by your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy taking a step back from the physical rigors of your day to connect on a deeper level with yourself. Let go of the constant mind chatter and be guided on a meditation journey that will lift your spirit, clear your mental tensions, and elevate your energy to a renewed sense of calm and empowerment. You deserve to be at your best and to enjoy your journey.

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