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The theory of Pilates is that most people have spinal imbalances due to injuries, not knowing how to use their bodies properly, or because of the kind of work that they do. Some patients may be in constant pain from their muscles being overworked; therefore, they need to stabilize their muscles. Pilates helps to rehabilitate the body so the core muscles are working. With Pilates you experience strength from the core out to the external part of the body.

At Reed Chiropractic + Wellness Center we are proud to have private Pilates classes available to people in Marina Del Rey and the surrounding areas.  Our certified in-house instructor, Deana Rae can help you to achieve your fitness and health goals with personalized, private Pilates lessons.

Deana Rae was first introduced to the Pilates Technique at the age of 18 while performing with The Alvin Ailey Repertory Theatre in New York City. She later moved to Los Angeles and participated in a one year teacher, training program receiving her certification from the Performing Arts Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio of Los Angeles. Deana has been teaching in the LA area for 12 years, including Sherman Oaks, Hermosa Beach, Playa Del Rey, Beverly Hills, and Marina Del Rey.

Deana, has worked at the Reed Wellness Center in  Marina Del Rey for 5 years. She specializes in proper muscle control, stretching and efficient breathing techniques to create a flexible, strong and healthy body.

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